Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16th

i took senior photos for my cousin zack.

we went out to our grandparents house and took these. it was super nice out and the property is already really beautiful so we got some pretty good shots.


i cant believe the freaking office. what the heck does andy think he's doing? jim was supposed to ask pam, and micheal was supposed to get with the new girl. i guess everything is ok though, dwight was totally hookin' it up with angela.


Anonymous said...

Uggh, that episode made me so mad. So much for the Jim and Pam stuff I love.



oh man.

so glad i didn't read your post about the office before i watched it.

i'm not sure why everyone hated that episode.

jim can't propose just yet. its too good. they've gotta stretch it out.