Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 19th

today was jadiid practice in chicago.

i'm ready to go on tour.

i just want to be on the road for hours and hours, sleeping in a van, not showering, playing shows every night, and meet as many people as possible.

someday soon.


Anonymous said...

was this picture planned, or did you come home to matt sitting alone in the dark basement?


Matthew said...

sometimes i like to sit in dark basements... its my emo side

Corey Bienert said...


me and cobe laughed at this one for a while.

we imagined this scenario where matt is sitting in the basement by himself whimsically holding a candle...and you walk in on him and he's embarrased.

j a f f r e y said...

dusty floors make dusty socks.
matt, did you shave?!