Friday, December 14, 2007

December 14th

corey and julia both came home today for winter break.

we all hung out for a while,

played a game,

watched home alone 2 (the best one)

and then julia and i headed over to around the clock to catch up on old times.

i told her i would explain why her face is like that if i posted the picture so i guess i have to. she saw someone at the restaurant that she hadn't seen in a while and i just happen to take the picture right as she saw her. so thats why she looks so surprised.

its good having her back and hearing all her new college stories.

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Julia said...

hahahah i loook like a two year old!! i cant believe you caught that face. hahah.

thanks for the soup again. it was really good getting to sit down and talk to you jake boll