Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16th

i've seen this tree about a million times.

i drive past it every time i go over to the bienerts and i always think of what a cool picture it would make.

today i finally pulled over and took a shot.

it turned out pretty much like i wanted it to.

it always reminds me of a huge bird, taking off for flight.

speeking of flight... i heard flight of the conchords isnt coming back for another season. is this true? i really hope not.

" I'm not crying, no I'm not crying. i've just been cutting onions."


Corey Bienert said...


Not True.

Where did you hear that from?

They got picked up for a season 2 a whiiiiiiile ago.

It just might not be out in a year...cuz they have to write a whole season's worth of songs again..since they already used 98% of what they have written since they started playing several years ago.

aaron m said...

this is great

JAM said...

I love the symmetry of it. I like your treatment of it as well that emphasizes the shape.

Years ago when we lived in Georgia and had first moved there, I had a lot of trouble with the hilly terrain.

Having grown up in Louisiana which is totally flat, the hills and curvy roads made it hard for me to find my way. Especially just after we moved there.

At one important intersection where I needed to turn right to get home, there was a tree similar to this one that had been split by the power company and kept trimmed so as to not foul the power lines.

I LOVED that tree, both for the way it looked, and for the fact it was a landmark that I could use to keep from getting lost (again).

Maddie Swannnnnson said...

Jake you can start a collection of pictures like this for me. Ive always wanted to start a Trees Split Down the Middle From Telephone Poles collection and never have a camera and i think they are justttt fanastic. So thanks for finally taking a picture of one! Take more!