Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10th


i cant believe it!!!

me and some of the fam went to my grandmas house tonight to watch my bro play against the phoenix coyotes.

it was the best game ever!!!

we watched jared duke it out with someone, and the best part of the evening was when jared scored his first NHL goal.

on a breakaway, shot it in the upper right corner and scored.

it was incredible, amazing, etc.

great game!



oooh man. such an amazing thing

i keep searching his name on youtube waiting for someone to post a clip haha


hey, the bluejackets website has somethin called blue jackets tv where they show highlights of all the games.

they showed the goal jared made but not the fight.

anways it was so awesome to watch.

he was so happy! haha

Matthew said...

hahahaha that was amazing... i can't wait to start going to the games

is that the bridge by joey t's... stay far away from that hell hole... hahahah just kidding, but seriously

Corey Bienert said...

Just watched that video Evan...

that is so freakin awesome!

dude and matt are on his wikipedia page:

I'm a little jealous.