Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 27th

after school today, i decided to go search through the fields of Veterans Acres.

the clouds were amazing.

when i was looking at them, i noticed that i was trying to think of what they looked like. trying to force myself to come up with an animal, or a state that the cloud formed, but i couldnt do it.

it just made me think. when your really young it just comes naturally. your whole thought process is different. i want that thought process back.

being able to see things that other people cant is a great thing to have, but most of us lose that when we start growing up.


Julia said...

thats so weird jake boll, yesterday tasha and i went to this like corn field place outside campus and the clouds were really pretty and we made like a story with them about an alligator. it was really funny. we were talking about how we felt like 5 year olds again.

i love the first picture


haha very observant you are jake boll!

that was my foot and yes, we should have stuck w/ it

Anonymous said...

update. you are always slacking.