Saturday, September 1, 2007

September 1st

well, a start of a new month.

hope this ones a good one.

tonight we played for kids less than half our age at willow.

i will say this...

although i wish we were playing for a much older crowd, i have never been so famous before.

after we were done playing, all the kids were running up to us and formed a line.

we were signing autographs for every kid in the room. i couldn't stop laughing.

fun show, funny show

these are our cd's in the book store at the church.

extra thanks to carey for his amazing hand modeling skills.

i've got some competition.



$15 a pop! whoa baby

i'd still buy one

Anonymous said...

his hands look good

Anonymous said...

yea aren't those yours jake? yea i was there and i think they ran out of ur guys cd lol

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah, good times.