Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 5th

tonight we went and saw grease.

it was a lot fun seeing christie and rony (haha) in a play.

they're usually the directors or the adults when it comes to theater, so it was cool watching them act like kids.

i know when you get older, your perspective changes and you have to start thinking realistically. you need to get a job that will support you and your family, and you have to start "living like an adult".

i wish we never lost the thoughts of becoming a fireman, or a rock star. becoming the president, or being a train conductor.

i'm not even out of high school, and i'm already freaking out about bills and just wondering how i'm going to pay for everything when it comes time.

i guess i'll just become a king and get rid of money. EVERY THINGS FREE!!!


Julia said...

King Jake Boll?

that kinda fits.


April and i said when we grew up we were going to own an "exotic" farm where we would grow bananas and have tigers and penguins and hippos on it instead of cows...hahahaa.

growing up stinks, i hope im cool when i get older and can still laugh and have fun, i dont want money to be everything.

anyways...these are really cool pictures, i really like the one of christie.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey hey, I still wanna be a rockstar! lol.

Julia said...

haha Jake, I had to look on yours and Corey's blogs to find a date from a couple years ago, so I started reading some of the old posts...

I have left some of the most embarrassing comments in the world. and I am sorry. hhaahaha. I can't stop laughing.