Wednesday, March 7, 2007

March 7th

i just started noticing how jealous i can get. if somebody has something i want or if they talk about getting it, i start thinking of ways to get it before them. its a terrible habit that i'm working on breaking.

i'm starting to think about how little i actually need and how much i really want. its like i have a devil and angel on my shoulders.

i always think about that. the devil and angel thing. i never actually look but i always pretend they are there and thats how i try to reason with things.

this would make for a good picture. i'll try it out.


Anna said...

Hey Jake...

This issue is something that I have to constantly revisit in my life...the stuff part. Sometimes it seems for every two steps forward I take three steps back. (at least I am KINDA moving forward, right?!?!?)

And the interesting thing here about the devil and angel thing is that they are is called spiritual warfare...and we are all in in my friend on the front lines.

Have you ever seen the movie Constantine with Keanu Reeves? The theology in the movie is off but there is a great line in it. Keanus character is talking about God and the devil and she the woman says that she doesnt believe in the devil...
His response is "that's too bad...because the devil believes in you".....

It is true and that completely resonates with me. The active role satan takes on a daily basis in my life. He longs to steal my joy and take my eyes off of my Father. Pretty scary that there is a force out there who knows your weaknesses and pushes you near them.

Loved your post. Loved the pics. Can't wait to see if you try that picture. :)


Kyle said...


I love these pictures, we both kind of went with the same technique, which is awesome.

Anyway, jealousy is pretty normal, but you just need to look past it.

You have so many unique talents and so much originality that you shouldn't need to feel jealous.

Kyle said...

but if you need to talk, you can talk to me.

I owe you for that.

Anonymous said...

that would actually make a pretty sweet theme.... angels vs. devils and take like 2 pictures one of the thing the angel would do and one of the devilll... maybe?

Jacob Boll said...

who ever this anonymous person is, good idea. i'll try to do it justice.

Corey Bienert said...

That sounds like a terrible idea for a picture.

I would never look at your pictures again if you ever did anything close to this idea.