Monday, March 5, 2007

March 4th


this movie is still in my head. its just really interesting to me.

i dont really like these pictures but i wanted to do something with zodiac and this is the best i could think of at the time.

we are kind of re-doing our basement bedrooms. my dad ripped up the carpet and cleared out the room so i thought the floor looked perfect for a crime scene.

my dad said to leave the chalk outline there so if we sell the house and the people get new carpet there will be a little surprise for them. that would be so scary if that happened to me.


Anna said...

I like your dads wicked sense of humor. These pics are creepy....VERY CSI and Law and Order! :)

Corey Bienert said...


thats awesome.

i was wondering when you were gonna update

Anonymous said...

dude these are sweet


Jacob Boll said...

who is co?

Julia said...

AHHHHHHHH JAKE THESE ARE THE BEST PICTURES IN THE WORLD!!! how did you do that?!? ahhhh :) :) :) i laove it.