Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3rd

(Y-yearn for the sky)

im pretty proud of todays word.

my brother matt, corey and i went to woodfield today and just got some stuff. on the ride home we talked about the amzing circles of musicians.

for example....ben gibbard worked with feist, who did vocals for kings of convenience from norway where the band magnet is also from. so if we could some how just get into one of these circles of amazing music, we would be set.

these beautiful eyes belong to julia hespen. i dont think she knows how nice they are.


Carmi said...

Great eye pictures are hard to capture, and you've managed to do just that. Please tell her that her eyes are lovely, as is your photographic gift.

Kyle said...

I love the first shot, it's very Scott Mutter-esque.

Did you take the picture of the sky?

and Julia has very honest eye, and I think that is why they are so appealing

Kyle said...

by the way, tomorrow is your last day of your alphabet project, what's next?

Maybe I'll start a theme, do you have any suggestions?

Anna said...

Between theese and the pics on Coreys is very clear that you all have a special friendship. It seems very fun, light-hearted and extremely genuine. What a blessing!

Is someone putting these pictures in a scrapbook? You all should do would be fun to come up with that together!

Julia's eyes are so beautiful....this is a wonderful image Jake.

Julia said...

:) :) :) :) :) :)

angela said...

you made julias eye look way more beautiful than they are, she has ugly, ugly eyes. i hate her eyes.

hahahha im just kidding. hwer eyes are my favorite feature. the first one is cool cause you captured the moisture. hahahahah

Anonymous said...

u can do much better and have already lost one girl cause she got tired of waiting 4 u!