Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 28th

(V-v for vendetta
very amazing hat)

well im sorry i created such a stir with the "tour" comment. i was just a little excited. corey explained what we are doing very well in his comment. we will be playing some of our songs occasionally but our main purpose is leading worship for the summer camps.

i listened to kings of convenience all day at school and i must say, it puts me in such a good/relaxed mood. i really want to start writing more music influenced by them. they have such a mellow, soothing sound. its great music for sleeping, driving, walking/jogging/running, homework-ing.

i know you miss this hat very much but i know you'll deny it. when ever you want it back just say the word. if you cant wait another day without it, i will send it in the mail if you want. thanks for letting me have for as long as i have.


Matt said...

the hat is definitely sweet.

Corey Bienert said...


i definitely wasn't trying to stir up anything

i was just clarifying confusion.



i don't miss it....


nah, im just playing around.

come summer i'll wear it every now and then but you look better in it then i do so its yours buddy!



i heard you wanted to come down this weekend. i apologize for my lack of visiting and things not working out. this weekend may be the busiest of my life and the coming week i have 3 midterms BUT, after that it should clear up quiet a bit so i'll make it home or you can come on down. we'll figure somethin out soon. PEACE

Anna said...

I am glad that you all cleared all that up for me!
That is great that you all will be doing worship for these camps...and no cover! Even better! hehehe.

Julia said...

as creepy as that mask is its a really cool picture. but really eerie. sdflkjaroig

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