Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19th


on my way from coreys dorm i put the rocket summer on and smiled the whole way home. it brought me right back to the summer days and i could almost smell the summer nights. hanging out with evan and shannon all night, throwing a frisby around. gosh, i miss it so much.

rocket summer show april 2. its all im looking foward to.

we have a show in a week at clearwater though, so be checking our myspace for date and time (


Corey Bienert said...

i have a bunch of pictures...but my thing wont upload.....


haha thats crazy you brought that up man...

i was just thinkin the other day about how hard we were rockin out to the rocket summer in the car on the way to portillos that one night

and how your frisbee is still on the roof of panera

im tryin to come home again soon, we shall unite