Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 17th

(K-kid memories)

i went to my uncles rock and roll party tonight and realized how much older people miss being yong.

all the parents and grandparents were so excited about dressing up and hearing the old songs that they used to listen to.

i really want to know what i am going to be like when im old.



true that.

and i just saw that i missed your call. sry man!

my phone was on silent


Julia said...

hahah you're parents are so cool!

Being old is going to be cool. I can't wait to see who I am.

Anna said...

Nice pics here. I am here from Evans blog. And as far as the old is definitely a state of mind! I don't feel like I am _____ years old. In my mind I am still 19....

Savor this age where you are but it fun when you are older too!