Monday, February 12, 2007

February 12th

(F-fast asleep)

i just found this shell in our house and i wanted to use it for a picture.

i've been looking a lot at really good photoshop photographers like scott mutter.

when there is a picture of something you wouldn't normally see, you study it. you look at the little details of the picture and become more attracted to it.

i also just wanted to repost the other picture because i like this version better

oh, and i just want to say happy birthday to my cousin Hannah!


Corey Bienert said...

i like.

Julia said...

that is so awesome.

you look so comfortable!! I want that blanket!!!!

Christie said...

Wow! Awesome, Jake.

hannah said...

jake youre amazing! i feel so honored to be part of such a cool persons life :) i love you cuz! will you take a picture of me? haha (seriously though...) and we're gonna rent a movie with you mom soon for real