Friday, January 26, 2007

January 26th

(itunes-matt pond pa: emblems)

season three is ridiculous. so many twists and turns.

i played taboo tonight. it was pretty fun, except when the girls kept cheating.

well, im off to watch the last three episodes.


Kyle said...

You know you guys didn't have a chance at Taboo until I joined . . . haha.

You make Jackson look kind and docile, I didn't know photoshop could do that, hahaha!

Julia said...

Jake!! hahah I didn't cheat!!!!

these pictures are so awesome. Jake you are good at this picture thing. I love the second one. Jackson is sucha cutie! :)

I hope the last of season 3 was good. you have almost seen all of the seasons thats so cool. im proud of you.


oh jackson how i miss you


oh jackson how i miss you