Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th

on october 8th, i had the privilege of hanging out with the lovely people of Lucius. i met them at an ice cream shop on southport in chicago for a pop-up show before their performance at the metro that night. after the acoustic performance, they offered kayleigh and i a ride in the tour van back to the venue. it was there that they told us Jeff Tweedy would be there tonight to perform a song with them. i lost my mind/breath and tried to act really calm and cool about it. we got to the metro, went to the greenroom and i tried to shoot as much as i possibly could. the band was incredibly nice and open to me, allowing me to photograph a bulk of everything that was going on. Tweedy showed up and ran though "Jesus, Etc." with Lucius. it was a once in a lifetime moment. i was in complete awe of the moment and tried my hardest to soak it in. the Lucius performance was really something to see. they had the complete attention of every single person in that packed venue and they owned it. it was amazing to see that much confidence and humility at the same time. dont know how they did it. the entire experience was something i'll never forget and always appreciate. an ENORMOUS thank you to all the Lucius band members and management for being so welcoming.